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Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum
Sacré-Cœur Cathedral

Louvre Museum

  • The Louvre Museum is the largest museum of history and art in France and one of the most important museums in the world.

    It is located in the French capital, Paris, between the Seine and Rivoli street, in the first district, in a historic building, former royal palace, the Louvre Palace.

    The french art exhibits are covering a wide part of the history of France, from Dynasty Capetienilor until today.

Sacré-Cœur Cathedral

  • It was built in Roman-Byzantine style in 1876 under the guidance of architect Paul Abadieal whose design surpassed the 78 competing projects. The basilica is decorated inside with mosaics, one of them depicting Jesus crucified. The old windows of the basilica were broken in 1944 during the Second World War and were later replaced.

    Montmartre hill, in the north of Paris, stands 129 meters above sea level and is where the first bishop of Paris, St. Dionysius, suffered a martyr's death. A large Benedictine monastery occupied until the revolution of 1789 the entire hill. French revolutionaries guillotined all the nuns and destroyed the monastery. In response to defeat in the Franco-German war, Alexandre Hubert Legentil Rohault of Fleury decided to give a spiritual answer to the politico-military disaster that France was in and build a Heart cathedral dedicated to the worship of Christ as a sign of repentance for sins committed.