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Zone Romania (1432) Judetul Buzau (480) Manzalesti (2) Grunjul (2)
Grunjul de la Manzalesti
Grunjul de la Manzalesti

Grunjul de la Manzalesti

  • Grunjul, the small white mountain, rises from the Slanic riverbed, right on the road leading to Lopatari. It is one of the most beautiful and strange decor appearances, not looking the same with anything you've seen in Romania. At first glance it seems composed from salt, but is composed of marl, whose strength allowed him to successfully withstand the erosive action of wind and water and remain, towering in their midst. Also called White Rock, Grunjul dominates far from the height of 20 meters trough Slanicului and Manzalesti valleys area.