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About 360RVR

360RVR is offering the VR services as a subscription

The work is free of charges and you need to pay a annual tax depending on the number of virtual tours. The files remain on our side and you have the possibility to embed them on any website by using the code that we provide. The advantage of this system is the easy way of integrating the virtual tours with a simple Copy & Paste and also you can take advantage of the improvements that we try to bring to our services.


      a) "360RVR Starter" represents the subscription for 25 virtual tours - 100 Euro / Year;
      b) "360RVR Extra" represents the subscription foreach extra virtual tour - 4 Euro / Year;

Virtual Tours Count Subscription / Year
25 100 EUR
50 200 EUR
75 300 EUR


No. of virtual tours:          Subscription / Year =

*To the displayed prices we’ll add the transportation price depending on location.

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